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Many coupon sites also verify that a deal works before listing it, so when your affiliate code gets published on their site, it gets a mark of credibility associated with it in the mind of their visitors. Users can vote coupons up or down based on whether or not the deal worked for them. The coupon industry is big business. Unfortunately, that means it attracts legitimate and spammy coupon sites alike.

A coupon site is bad if it uses spammy practices and aims to trick brands into affiliate agreements, which they leverage to capture branded traffic without intending to send qualified customers your way. Bad coupon sites come in all shapes and forms, but some warning signs to watch out for include:. Ready to get started with coupon affiliate sites?

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Before you go crazy signing up with every site you see, take a moment to develop a strategic plan using the steps below as your guide. Coupons help your brand stand out from your competitors. For instance, if you sell a subscription service, it may be worth it for you to offer a free trial or a steep discount on the first year of service, as long as it gets people in the door and using your product. Many brands take this route. Also consider how you might offer different discounts throughout the year for various sales and promotions.

Create a list of all the coupon sites you hope to work with, starting with some of the good coupon sites we listed above. As you look for sites, avoid the ones with any of the warning signs we mentioned above. Then, do a quick audit of each coupon site to reduce your risk. Confirm that they do indeed attract the huge traffic numbers their sales reps tell you by checking their stats on tools like SimilarWeb.

Can I install clipper and individual plugins for different affiliate programs all in a single website. Does it work like that? I recently purchase and testing but not any single coupon import from cj. Can you help what is exact problem that i am not able to import. Store show in store relations but not coupon import. Store Relation and Category relation is working well.

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  8. I have now CJ store. Have the issues been fixed?? I would like to ask whether the plugin works for anyone? For my case the plugin is not working.

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    Accept test is working, but it cannot import coupon. Hello, Meloniq. Api keys that they generate now are no longer compatible with your plugins. When I add a key, say they are invalid. You can test, and you can make changes to the plugins according to the changes in their platform.

    I am looking forward to your answer Thank you! Notify me of follow-up comments by email or subscribe without commenting. Product Box. Uninstall options to delete all coupons and stores created by the plugin Requirements You must have a CJ Affiliate publisher account. Sign up for a free account at cj. People who liked this. Dimitris Bakalidis. What themes does this work with? Version 1. By sanninostefano - July 17, Commission Junction Publisher work? By Kokeb - April 2, You need to purchase this item before reviewing it. Just bought it? Log out and back in to enable reviews.

    Comments Sep 25, at am. Dung Nguyen. Sep 27, at am. Sep 29, at pm. BONUS 2: 9. Thanks, Ruud! If I have missed a tool that you enjoy or have developed! Many thanks in advance. Your affiliates should always add value to your online store. These efforts include affiliates who run PPC campaigns, promote your store through their email lists, or help users comparison shop more easily i.

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    Instead, click-to-reveal coupon sites can often inject themselves later in the sales cycle as an afterthought of customers who were already prepared to buy. Great input, Kim. Thank you for it.

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    And thanks for your feedback on FMTC. Geno, nice post. We also have another one for your list. Affiliates can obtain the feed by pulling it directly from their Affiliate Manager interface. Jackie , thank you for this comment.

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    Any ideas or recommendations? Ive gone through your list in the post and most of the services are not that helpful. Surfmyads owns Promotionalcodes. Happy to chat with anyone who might be interested. I always thought of your company as an affiliate i.

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    And if you do now provide a coupon integration solution to affiliates, where exactly may one learn more about this service apart from emailing you? We are building co-branded partnerships, Xfinity, being one, but any site that would like to generate revenue from our feeds would be considered a partner.

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    Currently e-mailing me is the best way, we are in the process of a re-design and building some other tools. Gene — I talked to the person that owns formetocoupon and she told me that their service would not be good for what Im looking for which is mostly software related coupon codes. They dont seem to support the AF networks I want to integrate. As far as the surfmyads comment from Nick, I dont know why they would provide their feeds to another affiliate unless of course they left their AFF links intact and did some kind of revenue sharing deal.

    Just found your post, any thoughts on resource for freebies, sweepstakes, and that kind of promotion? Just giving iCodes a shot right now. Any update on iCodes or Surfmyads.