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Pattaya has a tropical climate and enjoys warm weather all year round. Temperatures often range between the mid twenties and early thirties depending on the time of year. Like most parts of Thailand, the weather can be split into three seasons; wet, dry and hot. During this time, wetter weather is to be expected, although sunshine is still prevalent.

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Easter time is when the town enjoys its hottest weather and temperatures are known to reach into the mid thirties. One major event to look out for is the Songkran water festival. The festival usually takes place between 13th to the 15th April Thailand New Year. During this time, Pattaya becomes inundated with revellers and can be very busy. If you crave frantic, fun nights and lazy beachfront days, Pattaya is without a doubt the city for you Lining Pattaya's beach are shopping centres selling all kinds of wares.

After the sun sets, things really hot up in Pattaya town. It's loud and occasionally lewd, with lots of bars and restaurants competing for your custom. Onward flights to regional airport are operated by Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways. British citizens do not require a visa for stays less than 30 days. The world-famous cabaret shows are without doubt great fun, featuring the katoeys, better known as ladyboys.

PATTAYA WALKING STREET - Night Scenes - Vlog 6: Insomnia night club

For a break from Pattaya's hectic pace, visit Wat Khao Prayai, a quiet, hilltop temple complex with great views. Paradise perfected: Pattaya Holiday Highlights Switched on, fun, and always exciting, Pattaya has gone from backpacker central to family-friendly, offering everything from top quality beach breaks to historical tours for culture vultures.

Pattaya holidays give you the chance to dive head first into the ocean one day, and feet first into the local culture the next. So come chill out in a relaxed, laid-back spot that blends in everything you need for a perfect holiday-of-a-lifetime. Those beaches! Oh, wow, those beaches! This is the definition of opulence, with a ton and a half of wow-factor thrown in for good measure. If you tire of the beach then you can laze around in the infinity swimming pool, hand the kids over to the babysitting service while you head out for a night on the town, or check out one of the 20 yes, 20 golf courses nearby.

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But beside that, everything was fine. Thank you for your feedback, In your home you have rules, whatever made you think hotel should not have rules? You were bothered about seeing no smoking sign? Yes make sure that your reservation matches the name on the passport, clearly states on agoda reservation page. Using 1 letter of your name instead of a full name is hardly a shortcut, but an invitation to fraud, which you were explained in fine detail.

Thank you once again for staying with us for 1 night in our cheapest room on sale. Thank you for your review and kind words Danny. Glad to hear you enjoying your stay and staying longer. Thanks once again. Pattaya Holiday Lodge is located on third road, it's not a long walk to the beach but further than many might like. There's no regular baht bus service unlike roads closer to the beach.

The rooms are clean, not great water pressure in the shower. Cable tv with UK live sports. Thank you for your review and feedback Simon, I must say its rather interesting read not only because there is a regular baht bus route only 20 meters away, but more so you saying we have nothing to make you want to comeback , when you extended your stay by 2 more nights. Other similar hotels and guesthouses do not offer breakfast in baht rooms and i have a feeling other similar hotels and guesthouses do not clean up for free after you had defecated in bed and vomited all over the room, though you were kind enough to give maid 20 baht to clean it all up.

Thank you once again for staying with us. Thank you for your feedback and kind words Shanaka, Pleasure having you with us and looking forward to seeing you again. The hotel is nice; however, I feel 1, baht is excessive for a deposit. Also, the fact that they don't provide basic amenities like bottled water and soap is unbelievable. The hotel literally charges you for everything, and yes, that includes bottled water and soap to bathe with.

As far as the positives of the hotel, the Internet is strong and the AC blows cold. Thank you for your feedback and review. You are actually wrong, Hotel does provide free water and free soap along with shampoo and shower gel. Water on top of the fridge is free, water in the fridge mini bar is chargeable, and no,we do not sell soap and you did not pay for soap.

Furthermore baht per night with breakfast was already best deal in town, yet as it turns out still not good enough for you, wanting more for nothing. Kind of silly to blame hotel when all charges are clearly stated, not to mention deposit is refundable. Fantastic place to stay for all. It is important to understand the policies designed for own safety.

Place is really fantastic, great Wi-Fi and homely, warm staff. If one understands the policies of this place and keep up, it becomes better than home. Remember that each one of us, have our own house rules. The policies here are made for most memorable stay for YOU and not for the management, making sure everyone goes back with great memories which last for long time. Personally I had great time staying at this cool place, talking to the boss and the staff. Thank you PHL team for all the hospitality. I wish you all a great year , and will certainly be at your place in near future. Thank you for your feedback and Kind words Radha, it was a pleasure having you, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself and looking forward to seeing you again.

Everything in the hotel was good except for the rules and regulations of that hotel. Even the room services should be included in the booking price, yet, they're going to charge you for just teaching you how to operate TV and aircon. Also, they're going to charge you for the stains in bed sheet even just a drop which is supposedly included in their services.

Thank you for your feedback, i am puzzled as to why you assume everything in budget hotel, in cheapest room under baht with breakfast should include even more, including room service? It was no stains? But bed linen was covered in blood, but you believe hotel should also pay for that and you should not? The location is almost fine but I felt very bad due to bad attitude of the owner of hotel at the time of check in and other greetings time. He was very rude to customers.

Also he took thb as security deposit and everything is paid in hotel. No have lift for 4th and 5th floor rooms. Breakfast also worth nothing. Firstly, you do not know who the owner is, secondly shoving your phone into someone's face at check in is hardly appropriate or polite to then complain about attitude or politeness.

Thirdly hotel page clearly states baht deposit is charged. Forth, hotel page clearly states no lift. And finally, when you require halal food, best to book into 5 star hotel paying baht per night, instead of baht room and then whining about not having halal food.

Oh and just for the record, you are not from UAE but from Pakistan and yes in in baht rooms with free breakfast everything else is charged. Guys it a great location but I share with another review of the property on my last night there of 3 that money went missing from the safe..

I was the only one that knew the code and there was never anyone alone in the room apart from me at any time.. I am sorry to hear about your experience but you have not been truthful. If to believe your story, it makes no sense why you would tip baht for housekeeping and another for reception at check out. Fact is you never mentioned anything to reception, however did have an escort stay with you all 3 days that you stayed with us. Only GM has an over ride key and if an override key was used then your combination code would be reset and you would not be able to use safe. As long as we follow the disciplines, this is the best hotel in pattaya..

Will come again.. Thank you for your feedback, Not too sure what disciplines you referring to, but thank you once again. I am very sorry we are not good hotel for you, perhaps it was not wise choice to book cheapest run of the house room for under baht to then complain and demand free upgrade. Thank you very much for your rating and kind words Wang, it was a pleasure having and looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you for your review and kind words James, it was a pleasure having you , glad to hear you enjoyed your stay with us and looking forward to seeing you again.

Good Hotel in cheap price WiFi good working. Thank you for your feedback and kind words,was a pleasure having you and looking forward to seeing you again. The manager of the hotel having worst behavior and didn't give respect indians and embracing me. Every thing buy with cash, even urinals also. Thank you for your feedback, what you had conveniently left out is your inappropriate and out of line behavior.

Things such as 4 of you wanting to gang rape 1 girl, rudely interrupting staff and manager when they were dealing with other guests. Total and utter disrespect to staff and all our guests during breakfast and most other times. NO idea what urinals you bought with cash and the only reason why you checked out was because hotel did not allow you to gang rape a girl.

If you want to be treated with respect, start acting like human beings instead of acting like a pack of animals. I paid in advance. Wanted check in around 10AM. But they did refuse and said that their policy was in 2PM out Had an argue but theyn treted me very bad. They also wantet me to pay B as a deposit for mini bar. Then the owner stepped in and did argue in a very bad way. I had to leave despite paying for 8 days.

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  4. No refound "of course". My friends who arrived at the sam time did check in at 10AM. The location on the map indicates in a nearby street by in reality is the entrance from one of Pattayas most busiest streets and a red light junction. Chose another hotel. Check in time is , check out time is 12 , Not only clearly stated on hotel page but universal rule. Previous guests need to check out, room needs to be cleaned before new guest can check in, but this guest just could not comprehend the basics. Mind boggling for someone not only failing to comprehend basic common sense, but to insult staff, call them stupid, belittle them and argue over something which is clearly stated on hotel page.

    Saddest part is he is still failing to comprehend it and now as it turns out google maps are also wrong. Everyone is wrong, only he is right.

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    Booked online on agoda with card. But did not let me in since i was checking night. Offer me other room with price. So I have paid 2 times.

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    Not returned money deducted from card. Check in pm, you came to check in at am day before, Why you should get 1 free day? Hotel is on the main road quite loudly lots of smoke and smells inside the room not that clean, too many policy for hotel you have to be careful what u do. Thank you for your feedback, Very sorry we are not up to your high standards, though struggling to understand why you extended your stay by 2 more days if you were not happy. Our policies are no different to any other hotel.

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