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That's why it's not mentioned any further. In there were more than 90 million subscribers on South African networks. Vodacom followed by MTN have the best coverage and speeds in the country. Cell C and Telkom are far behind, but both have a national roaming agreement with either Vodacom or MTN for coverage outside of their own footprint. So if you need fast data, they might not be such a good solution outside of city centres.

Prepaid SIM cards are available in provider outlets, airports and almost all retail chain stores usually at R5 or less. Since all SIM cards need to be registered before activation by a RICA agent with registration usually done at the point of purchase. You don't need to go to a store of the providers to get your RICA as many supermarkets can perform the same duties much faster.

Some users have been rejected, because officially you need a home address and have to prove it, what can't be done by most passports. A few may insist on this address though and you might think of bringing along something official like an ID card with your name and address or a hotel reservation to get approved. The SIM card needs to be recharged with airtime value to make calls and purchase bundles. Many plans may give you "free" airtime, but this can't be used to purchase bundles. By all providers are required to allow subscribers to roll over unused data or transfer it to another user on the same network according to new rule by the regulator.

Additionally, the new regulations will not allow operators to charge out-of-bundle tariffs without first obtaining consent from subscribers. You will need to bring or buy an special adaptor to convert to this special plug. All mobile phones in South Africa use a euro-style plug for the charger. Euro plug adaptors and chargers are available in phone shops for around R in the country. More information can be found on the bundlfundi website with further advice for travellers and different prepaid plans compared. They are highly recommmended for more information. In an independent network test in Vodacom was placed top in all six categories and achieved the overall highest score.

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Their tourist line B4IGO has been terminated. Their regular prepaid SIM cards are available in all of their outlets Vodacom Store Locator for around R 5 as well as most supermarkets, including Woolworths in the airports of Johannesburg and Capetown. Note that a starter can be as low as R 1 in some shops and high as R at the airports. But there, they can help you with setting up and are open after hours too.

Vodacom offers a large variety of price plans and the Vodacom Prepaid 79c Plan is the easiest, best value plan for voice calls. At the airport they carry the regular SIMs too, albeit for a significant premium the Vodacom shop at O. RICA registration at the airport is quick as they are used to registering tourists with a passport and proof of accomodation. A variety of monthly packs for data is available and offered in both a recurring and a once-off version at the same price. The default rate out of bundle or for overuse is R 0. Note that it can be cheaper to obtain a SIM, add only credit, and then add the data package via the Vodacom app or online.

This promotion varies depending on the customer and day however and the bonus data is not fixed. Its network and speeds are on par Coverage map. MTN is the only provider that roams in Swaziland, if you should travel there. There are network tests like of MyBroadband.

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At least the MTN network has been improved a lot during the last few years and now rivals with Vodacom for the top spot. It's easiest to complete the RICA registration in one of their stores. In July , it was R End the weekend on a high note with fun rides, educational play and something for Celebrate a White Christmas At a Paddle out at the beach where it all began years ago.

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Photos Videos Wikipedia Hide all. All Contact Details. Weekly Monthly. Using a Cell Phone while Overseas in South Africa Everything you need to know about calling internationally, chatting locally, buying a prepaid SIM card and cruising the Web Staying in touch while on holiday or business in South Africa SA is far less complicated and expensive than it used to be, but, nonetheless, those unfamiliar with the local system and networks may still find keeping connected somewhat confusing. Buy a local SIM card Buying a local prepaid SIM card, inserting it into your mobile or Internet device and operating on a top-up basis is one of the easiest and most convenient options your phone must just be unlocked — check with your local service provider to make sure this is the case.

Thus, if you travel to SA frequently, this is probably not the best option for you Phoning home: The cost of this varies depending on your service provider and your cellular network. How do you use a mobile on a prepaid basis? Internet devices, like wireless routers and dongles, only use data.

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