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It is included in the cost of the mat you had cut. From your pictures, your particular order would say basic fit because they used the brown paper. Preservation uses blue paper. The fit fee is required by the corporation for all orders and the cost varies depending on the size of the project. It covers the cost of the backing materials and some of the labor. Not charging a fit fee is considered an unauthorized discount and grounds for firing according to company policy.

This is something they are currently cracking down on. I just wanted to clarify the fit fee issue. Hi Missy, I was under the impression they put together frames for free as long as they were purchased in store? Unfortunately, that was a previous deal.

A basic fit is what you have. They will still put the frame and cut a mat within 48 hours for you, no problem. It is company policy that all work must be charged for. Frame Express orders are wonderful for people that need something fast quick and cheap. Your puzzle looks fantastic and who ever helped you did a fantastic job! Please continue to visit them and see what they can do to help you further!

Unfortunately the professional fit you got is not on the free list.

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Frame Express. The reason I would choose Hobby Lobby over Michaels is because our local HL has acid free matting in stock and they can do it right there while you wait. Our Michaels for some reason has to order acid free matting. Well, I totally have had a different experience with Art.

Com as the above poster but my preference is to go to a local frame shop, Michael's, HL, etc.

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I have had bad experiences at Hobby Lobby, Michael's and local frame shops but I have had more good experiences than bad, and I believe it depends on the person who does the framing and not the business. Some are better than others. Same way with art. It's just like the American lasagna I make compared to the same recipe my husband makes -- they are synonymous in ingredients, timing, temperature but the outcome is far different. Purchase the custom-cut frame and mat yourself from somewhere like pictureframes. It is ridiculously easy and takes about 10 minutes even for a klutz like me.

Both those sites send free sample cuts of frames and mats on request so you know what you're getting. I disagree with sarschlos. I've had several large prints matted and framed by Art. I'm looking at two of them right now -- they really brighten up my office! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again. I second Mari's recommendation. You can order parts from all over the internet and DIY your framing for not too much money.

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You didn't mention what size picture you are framing. If is is a fairly large one, you won't do it any cheaper than that at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. If you can use a ready made frame and then just have custom mats cuts, you might be able to do it a little cheaper. Not exactly sure on the size yet.

The bed in my guest room is a full this print is going on the wall over the headboard , so I'm trying to decide the "correct" size or artwork. I found one print I love, but just the print is 34" wide by 24" tall. Here is a link that might be useful: Like this style - Summer Memories is one I am considering. I recently ordered 4 prints from art. They were framed with 18 x 24 frames with custom matts. I was was very satisfied with the result and the price was the cheapest I could find anywhere - especially considering it was four relatively large frames.

My husband and I had some pictures framed at Michaels. I took some in and the guy there was not inspired at all. He was just an order taker but I didn't know any better. I priced them out and left. When I went back a woman was there who was great. She made several suggestions that really helped the pictures look wonderful. I think they mark their prices up due to the coupons. I had a couple of pictures framed at a local place later on and it was much cheaper even without a coupon.

I have so, so, so many pictures and prints to frame that most of my walls are empty! I need to have a lot of framing and matting done but don't want to not only get ripped off but I want a great job that will look great and last for years What a great question, and one we all ask. That's the great benefit in finding art that suits your style. However, I've had mixed results with framing. I'm with Linda on this. Paint the existing frame. If you want it larger appearing, go to your local lumberyard and put together some larger moldings to surround it and use a trim gun to attach it.

Then you could use something like a rope or egg and dart painted in a metallic finish to accent it. Probably the difference between a local owner trying to make a living providing a quality product to the community and a corporate owned chain paying minimum wage, minimum training, and no benefits and buying all their supplies from China. As for the price difference, unless we see both moldings side by side, it's hard to tell why one is the twice the amount of the other.

It could be the difference in the framing materials. Once I took a very large picture to a local shop to be framed. What it's made of, how it's made, where it's made--all factor into the cost. Frames can be made of wood or plastic or metal, all with different price points. Also, who does the framing, how experienced they are and how much they're paid factors in as well. Not at Hobby Lobby, but at Michael's, I once got something mounted and framed without a mat.

Big mistake. The picture was set crooked in the frame. And they wanted me to take it home! I had to insist on having it remounted and reframed, at their expense of course. So the quality of workmanship at the hobby stores can vary greatly. I'm with the others here: quality of the frame makes all the difference in price. But I don't know if quality of the frame will make a scintilla of difference when it's hanging in your home We actually have the opposite here: one of the local mom-and-pop frame shop s is so far-and-away less expensive with better quality frames than the chain framers and I'm inc.

Fast Frame , and I don't know why I know this local shop's frames are better, I know the actual framing is better done, I know the turn-around is faster. Go figure! But I still do a lot of the framing myself with frames from Picture Frames because that is ultimately the least expensive. I think quality frames are an investment like a piece of furniture and the art can always be changed out if you ever tire of the piece.

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But I do like that horse! Often, you can't tell just by looking at them if their gilded or painted so I'm not a super snob that way, but given the choice, I will always pick a wood frame first. I do not understand why framing it so expensive. It just doesn't make sense to me. I would only frame something of enduring quality, or something that I really, really loved.

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If you tire of the artwork, you are stuck with a useless frame unless you find a picture of the exact same size? Seems unlikely. You can find stock frames online for many sizes, and ebay is a great resource for quality old frames gilded, gesso, carved They cleaned an repaired an old oil for me, even repaired the gesso.

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If you really hate the frame and do not think you will like it better if you painted it Just look for the size of frame and pay no mind to the art it holds. Thanks for the comments. I should mention that Hobby Lobby was running their 50 percent off custom framing sale, but the guy told me that its pretty much an ongoing occurrence now.

I also wanted to add that I attempted to gel stain the existing frame with a dark color. For some reason, it made a minimal difference, even though I sanded beforehand and liberally applied 2 coats. As for the suggestion to paint original frame because its not worth the cost of a custom: I love this print, regardless of its value or lack thereof. I feel this print is 'worthy' of a nice frame. To my inexperienced eye, both frames appeared to be wood or maybe wood byproduct and were very solid and heavy. I have no doubt the local shop has expertise which may account for cost in labor.

I've found that local shops are usually more expensive. I love your print and I do not see anything wrong with spending a lot of money on framing a print. I loved the print and wanted to display it in a nice way. Thanks for the great suggestion jterrilynn. I have done this before with smaller prints.

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The problem was finding an attractive, dark, ornate frame in this size. The print without frame is 30x I have a feeling I would have been perusing TJ's we don't have Marshall's in my area for quite awhile before I stumbled upon the perfect one I was lucky enough to have my friend the artist's husband who was an engineer LOL! They gave me lessons in original prints, the differences between etching and engravings, dry point lithographs and how to spot a photographic reproduction He also did matting and had a variable bevel cutter and all the rest of the tools.

Then he retired to Florida Oh and he worked for dinner!!!! But he showed me that even a piece of junk like maybe a magazine picture copied on a copier and blown up No matter that the horse isn't a good piece I also have put expensive frames on items that others would see no value in. How does one put a price on sentimental value? You have a large size print and I don't think it would be easy to find a used frame or a pre-made frame for it.

You really got a bargain at that price and I hope you share a pic of it once it's framed! Not to derail the subject here, but if anyone has information about the print or the original I would love to hear all about it.